Girls in Digital to the Rescue!

Digital world offers many benefits for everyone, however gender bias and stereotypes can challenge opportunities for both girls and boys from digital fields! Girls in Digital are here to fight those challenges.

While you are here, let’s have a good time discovering resources and testimonials of women working in digital and STEM! The platform will allow you to get access to many useful information to explore or study about digital and computer science. So, dive in and be part of the change💪


Prompting your excitement in Digital Fields!
Have you ever wondered how to control a robot or create many cool things in the digital world? If you have, you must have heard about computer programming or coding and its use! Girls in Digital have compiled several ways of learning how to code in interactive and fun ways.


Information around Digital Fields
If you are looking to learn more about what digital is and the different areas that make it up, you have come to the right place.
Do you want to work in Digital fields? Let’s check where you can study it in Luxembourg.