Dive into Digital and Let the Future Starts

In this section, let’s get real! 

Girls in Digital (GID) is an initiative from WIDE (Women in Digital Empowerment) and MEGA (Ministère de l’Égalité entre les femmes et les hommes) for building pathways for young people, especially girls to embrace the growth of the Digital world and its opportunities. 

In the broad field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), an increasing number of innovations are based on the development of new technologies around the digital fields. This leads to many great jobs and possibilities for everyone. In unlocking and seizing all opportunities from the digital fields, being digital savvy is one of the keys that is needed. 

Girls in Digital (GID) is here to help youngsters to be digital savvy where they can be a creator, an inventor, an entrepreneur, a developer and many more by introducing them to digital skills such as computer programming, robotics, web design/development, technology and entrepreneurship.

Whilst the digital field is growing rapidly and unlocking many possibilities, issues around genders are still one of the challenges that need to be addressed and tackled. There are several stereotypes and gender biases around digital fields that become contributors to why some youngsters become disinterested and even stop themselves in pursuing the opportunities around digital fields. This trend can be seen in Luxembourg, for example, where less than 14% of ICT professionals are women which is just below EU average. 

Besides making young people be digital savvy, Girls in Digital is also here to address and tackle gender challenges by breaking those stereotypes and biases. We want to show that opportunities around digital fields are for everyone! Not only for boys but girls and even for non-binary people as well. Girls and non-binary people love computers and video games as much as boys, thus, there is no reason why only boys should consider working in digital fields!

Together, we are and can contributing to the inclusive and stronger digital fields and its opportunities by unlocking true potential from young people regardless of their genders.  

When a youngster gets to hold the digital-savvy key and recognise the gender challenges, you will see that the world is needing more and new talents to help in solving the most urgent problems on the planet such as health and environmental issues where it is understandable that the world needs more technicians, engineers and scientists, and surely more females working in these fields. 

So, while you are here, take advantage of all resources and testimonials of women working in digital and STEM fields. Plus, many useful information to discover or study digital and computer science.