In this section, let’s ignite your passion for programming!

Computer Programming, also known as Coding, is a way for us (humans) to communicate with computers. Some of us like to also associate Coding as a complex language that is done in the computer with many complicated typing and syntax which makes Coding seem out of reach to learn. However, do you know that learning how to code is not that scary?

It shouldn’t be scary to learn how to code because computer or machine is actually dumb or clueless. They are clueless because they need us (humans) to instruct them how to perform actions and complete tasks. When we want to give computer instructions, we need to communicate with the computer using a language that the computer can understand. You may have heard or known those languages such as Python, Java, C, C++, HTML, JavaScript and so on.

When we understand that Coding is the method of giving a computer instructions to perform a specific task through language that they can understand. Then, we can create many things from building websites, applications, games and to many other computer-based technologies. Isn’t knowing how to code will help us express and increase our creativity? If you think so and you want to dive into several programming languages, then on this page we want to show you some ways to learn how to code through some fun and interactive games.

Animated gif fight code


Join the CodeCombat world to help hero(s) finish their quests by writing and completing code for each level.

Visual Mycraft


Whether you are Minecrafter or not, you can try the educational edition from Minecraft to learn basic coding!

Visual Coding Game


Fill up the uncompleted coding to finish assigned tasks so you can test out your games on CodingGame!

Visual Tynker


Check out massive games, puzzles, animations and many more options everywhere and anytime on Tynker!

Visual Scratch is a free programming language and online community


A handy visual programming on Scratch will let you play from games to animation, stories and many more!

Visual Code a dance party

Let’s explore where you can play and create games, apps and many activities related to computer science!

Visual Codemoji


Are you ready to use emojis to learn programming language? Have a try on Codemoji! 

flexbox froggy 3

Flexbox Froggy

Helping these frogs get back to their lily pads will give you new coding skills.

grid garden b

Grid Garden

Who would have thought that sprinkling carrots would teach us how to code?

Deep Sea Sushi i1

Deep Sea Sushi

Deep Sea Sushi will help you create your game by teaching you how to use the Scratch functionalities.



Discover or rediscover the basics and more advanced features of your favourite programming language.

pixelpad 22


Take advantage of all kinds of resources to learn more about the Python programming language



Focuse on learning coding and programming skills through interactive lessons and exercises