Welcome to the series of #CodingWhileGaming where we will accompany you on your journey in learning how to code and playing at the same time!

On this part, we want to introduce you to #CodeCombat.

#CodeCombat is a platform where you can learn several programming languages through RPG (role-play game) style! #CodeCombat will take you to an adventure where you have to guide and control your character to win. 

Animated gif fight code



When choosing your character, you would be able to choose what type of programming language you want to learn. They have JavaScript, CoffeeScript and Python.

Once you are settled, time to enter the world of CodeCombat! The first area that you will enter is “Kithgard Dungeon”.The dungeon has many different levels, later on you have to get out of the dungeon by solving programming problems. Not only escaping, you will also have to help your character to get diamonds and/or avoid foes in the dungeon. 

Your character would be able to move, run, attack, or dodge with the correct command that you give to them through the programming language that you choose. When the correct command is entered then you have helped your character. Be aware that wrong code on your side will have some bad consequences on your characters, so pay attention!

During the game, there are many hints that can help you pass the level. Everytime you pass a level, you will get rewarded and the reward can help in advancing your character with weapons, accessories and defences! (1)

Each level would increase the difficulty steadily so you don’t have to worry about getting overwhelmed or feeling underestimated. You will experience a fun adventure from the CodeCombat’s gameplay while learning about the programming language that you choose. 

So, are you ready for all the missions? You can try to play as a guest on the platform without sign-up or paying anything. Giving you a bit of a taste of how the game would look like. If you want to keep continuing then you can sign-up as an individual or a student so you can save your progress in unlocking the CodeCombat’s world together with your character! 

Last but not least, don’t forget to check the CodeCombat community where you can meet many helpful people who are working to help you to learn how to code! 

Click here to join the adventure on CodeCombat!