Welcome to the series of #CodingWhileGaming where we will accompany you on your journey in learning how to code and playing at the same time!

On this part, we want to introduce you to Codemoji.

Who here loves to use emoji when they are texting? Let’s assume it is many. When we are texting with emoji, our texts look more fun and expressive, aren’t they? It feels like we are engaged more with the texts and the person(s) whom we text. Following the same idea like emoji. Codemoji is using emojis to help you learn about programming languages. 


Emojis will act as the “command” that you will usually write to the computer. For example on HTML Head tag, instead of making you type “<head>” to indicate the header, you will instead have a panda head emoticon to write it; just have to drag and drop it in Codemoji’s Text Editor.

On codemoji, you will only get to play and learn around HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. But still, you will learn those programming languages from different perspectives as you will explore colourful and fun emoji such as dinosaurs, ice cream, traffic lights and many more!

Each emoji is actually related to the programming language itself. So, are you ready to guess the connection between each emoji to the command in a programming language? 

Click here to discover codemoji!