Learn + Play

Welcome to this part on artificial intelligence, where we are going to introduce you to some resources that will give you an accessible overview of this new technology!

Here, we want to introduce you to the website Learn + Play.

Learn + Play is an online platform provided by IBM Research that offers a collection of interactive learning and play experiences.

Learn + Play 2

It aims to engage you in exploring various concepts related to technology, science, and innovation through interactive demonstrations and games.

You can access interactive simulations, puzzles, challenges, and virtual experiments that cover diverse topics such as artificial intelligence.

IBM Research’s “Learn and Play” website is geared toward individuals of all ages. The interactive nature of the platform encourages hands-on exploration and experimentation, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of complex concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Through this, IBM Research aims to inspire and educate individuals about the advancements and possibilities in technology and science.

The platform serves as a resource for individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and stay up to date with cutting-edge research and innovation.


To discover those resources, please check this link!