Welcome to the series of #CodingWhileGaming where we will accompany you on your journey in learning how to code and playing at the same time!

Here, we want to introduce you to the app Mimi: Learn coding.

The app Mimo: Learn coding in JavaScript, Python, and HTML is an educational application that focuses on teaching coding and programming skills through interactive lessons and exercises.

Mimo offers a comprehensive curriculum for beginners and intermediate learners, covering popular programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and HTML.

The app aims to make coding accessible and engaging for users of all ages and backgrounds.

The Mimo app includes a series of bite-sized lessons, coding challenges, and projects that allow users to apply their newly acquired knowledge.

The app provides a hands-on learning experience, guiding users step-by-step through coding exercises and providing instant feedback to reinforce learning.

The app’s lessons are designed to be interactive and engaging, featuring a combination of theory, practical examples, and quizzes to test understanding. You can track your progress, earn achievements, and unlock new lessons as you advance through the curriculum.

Mimo also offers a personalized learning path, tailoring the content to the user’s goals and skill level.

Develop your coding skills in the most popular programming languages with Mimo: Learn coding!