Welcome to the series of #CodingWhileGaming where we will accompany you on your journey in learning how to code and playing at the same time!

In this part, we want to introduce you to pixelPAD.

The pixelPAD platform will help you create an entire programme to launch your own game.

Take advantage of all kinds of resources (videos, tutorials, and lessons) to learn more about the Python programming language, understand its features, and above all know how to use them in a programme.

PixelPAD has been designed for educational purposes, to help you learn, so there’s no “magic button” to make everything work with a single click.

It is a tool that let you learn quickly and get straight to work on the project, so steps that don’t contribute to learning, such as configuring the environment, have been removed.

PixelPAD is also based on the principle of transparency and mutual learning. In fact, if a user wants to know how someone else has coded this part of their game, they have easy access.

So don’t hesitate and start creating your own game on PixelPAD!