Welcome to the series of #CodingWhileGaming where we will accompany you on your journey in learning how to code and playing at the same time!

On this part, we want to introduce you to Tynker!

Tynker is a platform where you can explore many interactive lessons related to programming languages. It’s designed for learning starting at 7 years old and up. If you think you are quite advanced then you can try the try out to see your level and to get more advanced lessons.


At the beginner level you will learn the logic behind coding such as sequencing, pattern recognition and many more! Going to advanced level then you will find JavaScript, JAVA, Python and so on. On Tynker you will have a chance to discover how to create apps, build games, control toys on the platform and so on.

Visual Tynker
Source: www.tynker.com

Tynker gives two options on how you can learn the programming language by block or text coding. Both of them have hints where they will be your guides to help you. 

There are lessons and projects where you can explore them through your tablets so it can be practical for you to use it without your laptop or computer. Don’t miss out to check their Hour of Code and Minecraft as well. If you are quite comfortable with your skills maybe you can take part in their competition, do you dare?

Source: Tynker.com (https://www.tynker.com/ide/v3?type=course&slug=course:level-100&chapter=0&lesson=0)